The benefits of sex

Many people think that sex is just about sexual pleasure. Contrary to this, sexual relations are beneficial for men on all levels, whether it is on the moral, physical or general health. Sex is even prescribed to prevent or even cure certain ailments. Next up: the benefits of sex

Cancer prevention

As unlikely as it may seem, sex prevents cancerous diseases. The most recurring example is the prostate. Several certified researchers and professors attest that regular ejaculation reduces the risk of prostate cancer. The same is true for the heart. Even though "having sex cannot cure the subject", it can reduce his cancer to allow him to live longer or even outright prevent the cancer in the living organism.

Fighting feelings of anxiety and improving sleep and memory

Many hormonal secretion mechanisms take place during sexual intercourse and many of them are useful for the well-being of individuals. The one that fights migraine is particularly secreted during orgasm. It is called endorphin. The feeling of happiness that it gives allows to camouflage the pain and consequently soothes the migraine. Serotonin eliminates feelings of anxiety and stress thanks to its soothing properties. On the other hand, it has been shown that melatonin and oxytocin secreted during the rhythmic moments of a sexual relationship has properties that soothe the mood and build a peaceful sleep. In addition, researchers have shown that sexual sensations stimulate the production of neurons, which improve neuronal functions and, in turn, confer optimal memory.

In addition, sex allows people to relax and feel good. The strong sexual sensations constitute considerable sports activities for the maintenance of a good physical health. This makes a probable weight loss imminent.

The benefits of sex are enormous, therefore any of us are free to have sex as regularly as we want. People who would like to look younger than their age should make their sex life more active in the future.